Why you should start your wargames journey?

Why you should start your wargames journey?

This war is actually fun

Lately i been exploring some hacking and offensive security content, so basically it involved me just turning off my room lights, me wearing a hacker hoodie, and watching John Hammond videos and nodding my head, gasping and a little bit actually trying to mimic what he does on my machine

So wargames bandit was something that John Hammond actually recommended to get familiar with Linux for anyone that wanted to start hacking and become a hacker. I thought oh what is this wargames and started googling

I found it, wargames bandit and i read it and thought, well this is going to be easy, i know Linux i been working on it for about 6 years now, managing and deploying servers and use it everyday since then for my daily life, i even play games on it for god sake

What is wargames bandit?

Well this game is simple, its consists of levels, you start at level 0 and make your way through by finishing the level, basically finishing a level means that you get the password for the next level, and so on

Bandit is made for absolute wargames beginners and it aims to get players familiar with Linux and the wargames style

Why wargames?

Well first because it's fun, and i mean it, it is actually fun, and no matter how you're using Linux, mostly you'll learn a lot by playing it

You will know more about some commands that you might be using everyday like grep, ssh, cat, or find. And even new commands (at least for me) like strings, uniq, bzip2, s_client, and xxd

You will write a simple bash scripts, which is super fun especially if you're like me, someone that loves to automate some tedious work by writing scripts

You will understand some Unix concepts and even interact with text editors like vi for example, and even know how to deal with different shells

Also you will interact with git and running some git commands so you can look for some secret credentials in git branches, commits, or tags

And of course you will know some hacking concepts, and how to protect your server by avoiding some silly mistakes, that we all may be doing

As a developer you'll find this also important, especially if you're interacting with servers on any environment, you'll learn essential security concepts and it will open your eyes to a whole new world

The gist

You should give a try , i started it on a weekend and i found myself finishing the 33 levels in 1 day that's how entertaining this is, and i will probably check other wargame as well maybe natas? who knows!